Ashesha means mother, no beginning no end and wholeness. The Ashesha circle represents this as it symbolises a vessel where wholeness and emptiness are one and the same. It’s fitting to how we navigate being and working in the world, balancing the relationship between releasing and engaging, taking a holistic view in inquiring what it means to be whole, what it means to be healthy, what its means to thrive and what it means to be human.

No matter where you are starting from and what your needs currently are we can help you restore health in body and mind. We offer teachings in AiM movement analysis, Pilates, Yoga, and Reiki through 1-2-1 in person or online and via group classes, workshops and retreats.




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With a background in dance and a continual student in movement and wellbeing I am dedicated to holding space and guiding people in their own journey back to wholeness in a clear, calm and compassionate way.  I work with every student on their own needs may in be improving functional movement, reducing physical pain, mental stress to increasing vitality and confidence so the essence of each of my students radiates out through form.



Practices and trainings I draw upon include:

Jikiden Reiki, Shoden and Okuden – Amanda Jayne, Deal

300hr Raja Dhiraja Yoga – Ganga Devi, India

AiM Movement Coach – Dublin

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training – Yoga Mama, London

200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Mollie Morris, London

STOTT Pilates Matwork, Injury, Pre- Natal – London

X-Tend Barre Training – London

MA Dance Performance – University of Limerick

BA Dance Theatre – Laban, London